Possible Tools for Project

After Tuesday’s class and seeing the different tools used for collecting data from sites and sources, and after being able to see the book we are digitizing, I began to think about how these could be used for my group’s project. One of the ideas that I had was using topic modeling as bonus information for anyone who wanted to learn more. One example of this would be showing some kind of diagram, possibly using Voyant to do so,  where people could see the connections between certain words or phrases. For example, we could have a diagram of how many more infantry men died in comparison to generals or captains. Or we could show the number of men from certain states who are buried in the cemetery.

Another idea that I got from Angie White in the Digital Archives is possibly crowd sourcing certain sections of the project to help us later.  One example I thought of that could also combine the Aurasma (since it is a free tool for anyone) with the project is crowd sourcing connecting the name in the books to the grave. We could connect the names in the book to the names in the cemetery on the website, and if we can get Aurasma to work, we could crowd source it to anyone who wants to connect their picture of the grave to the name in the book.

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